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At this site, we hope to give you the necessary information you need to make a decision on whether Alternative Energy is for you.

Because not everyone is suited for this type of electrical power. Our goal is to provide you with useful information about solar, wind and small hydroelectric renewable energy products and the benefits of having and using them in your daily life. We hope this makes it easier to do business with us.

East Coast Alternative Energy has gleaned information from some of the brightest minds in the industry, especially from Bob-O Schultze of Electron Connection. Our knowledge comes from planning, designing & installing many alternative energy systems including our own. We have a very knowledgeable staff of trained alternative energy technicians at your service 6 days a week, 10 hours a day Pacific time.

We produce all of our own electricity for home & business from the same products we market & service, and stand by our motto, “we live with what we sell & service”

You may find other companies that will sell you “pieces & parts for a home power system, but not much beyond that. We offer COMPLETE personalized sales, technical help and installation of systems in our local area. We are totally dedicated to helping people achieve freedom from the “monster” power companies.

Most of the reasonably priced and desirable land are far from the power grid. Power grid installation costs can run as high as $40.00 a foot in some areas, making a good solar, wind or hydroelectric power system cost effective, never mind what you will save in electric utility bills every month.

Solar Panel

Solar Panel is the collection of several individual solar cells (Energy Particles called Photons) which converts the sunlight into electricity. The electricity production depends upon the amount of light which hits the solar cell.

The photovoltaic effect is used for sunlight to electricity conversion. Solar Panel is also called as photovoltaic (PV) panel or photovoltaic module.

Solar Inverters

The Solar Inverter Converts the direct current (DC) into utility frequency alternating current (AC).The AC (Alternating current) can be used to power loads in your home or commercial building and more…. The Solar Panel gives DC (Direct current).The DC current cannot be used directly for the home appliances. Solar Inverter is the most important component in the solar power systems.

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heating system is a best alternative method for heating the water in an eco-friendly manner. Solar water heater generally contains three major parts, solar thermal collectors, water tank, interconnecting pipes. The solar thermal collectors collect the solar energy and heat the water circulating in the pump. The shielded water storage tank is used to store the hot water.